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Please read this Agreement of Use carefully. By entering the password provided to you and accessing this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions governing your use of this website and tools available through this site:

Terms of Use

When using this website, you agree to the “Terms of Use” accessible by clicking on the “terms of use” link on this website. AdvisoryWorld, and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“AdvisoryWorld”) reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of the Terms of Use at any time and your use of the website constitutes your agreement to these terms. Please check the Terms of Use periodically to check for any changes.

Responsibility for Use and Control of Passwords and Client Information

By requesting and establishing a personalized password, you will have access to the website and the tools and financial information available through this website. You acknowledge that in order to use the investment proposal application available through this website, you will provide AdvisoryWorld with non-public personnel information and other financial information about your current or potential clients (“Clients”). This information will be stored by AdvisoryWorld and available to you through the website. You hereby represent that you have all required permission to provide AdvisoryWorld with this information and will be solely liable and shall indemnify AdvisoryWorld for any claims that you did not have such authority. You further acknowledge that you are fully responsible for the use of your password, whether authorized by or known by you or not, and the protection of your password and you shall indemnify AdvisoryWorld and hold AdvisoryWorld harmless for any claims related to any unauthorized access or use of the system, including, without limitation, any claim related to the unauthorized access, use or theft of your Clients’ information through the use of your password.

You agree to immediately notify AdvisoryWorld if you become aware of any of the following:

  • Loss or theft of your password
  • Unauthorized use of your password or any unauthorized use of this website
  • Any other information which you believe compromises the security of your Client information available through this website Responsibilities of the Parties

Your use of this website and the tools available through the site constitutes your acknowledgement and agreement to the following (which information is also generally available elsewhere on this website for your review):

By providing Client information to AdvisoryWorld necessary for the Systems to generate Proposal and Analysis (either by inputting Client data directly through this website or AdvisoryWorld’s inputting of such data into the website at your request), you acknowledge that: (i) AdvisoryWorld has not conducted an independent investigation of your Clients or your Clients’ financial condition; (ii) the Systems rely solely on the information you have provided in developing Proposals; and (iii) you had the consent of your Clients or were otherwise entitled to provide Client information to AdvisoryWorld.

By providing a Proposal and/or Analysis to your Client, you recognize and agree that: (i) you are solely responsible for determining the suitability of that Proposal and/or Analysis for your Client, including the suitability of the asset allocation strategies and any money manager, mutual fund, security or asset included in the Proposal and/or Analysis; (ii) have reviewed the Proposal and/or Analysis, understand its content and have determined to present the Proposal and/or Analysis to your Client as a suitable investment recommendation for that Client; (iii) accept full responsibility for any investment decisions made by you and your Client based upon the Proposal and/or Analysis; and (iiii) AdvisoryWorld is not providing investment advice to the Client regarding any specific security, money manager or market described in the Proposal and/or Analysis.

If you are unwilling or unable to understand, accept and agree to this Agreement of Use (and the Terms of Use incorporated herein), do not use your password to enter this website and contact your AdvisoryWorld sales or technical representative to request that your password & license be revoked.

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