SCANalytics Portfolio Analytics, Investment Planning and Asset Allocation Software App

Easily and accurately review the affect of dividend and capital gain reinvestment, various fee applications and rebalancing rates on the growth of a portfolio or investment. Users may further adjust settings such as begin and end dates, cash contributions and withdrawals, rebalancing frequency and tax rates to assess back tested outcomes.

Analyze Asset Allocation, Hypothetical Historical Performance, Risk Analysis (Standard Deviation, Sharpe, Beta, Alpha), Equity Metrics, Fixed Income Metrics, Average Expense, Country, Sector and Equity Overlap, Standardized Returns (FINRA Required) and more.  Build customizable Asset Fact Sheets using actual performance and/or hypothetical performance.

The application features Returns Based Style Analysis and analyzes forward looking cash flows with Monte Carlo simulation. The application's Portfolio Optimization routine enables advisors to build efficient portfolios consisting of up to 1,000 benchmarks or individual investments.

Firm Administrators may pre-load Model Allocations into the application and their reps can access these models and generate Hypothetical, HoldingScan, CompariScan or Detailed Analytics reports for analytical and comparison purposes.

The application is integrated with several leading Portfolio Management and CRM applications.

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