Compare Mutual Funds Databases

AdvisoryWorld maintains a database consisting of Mutual Fund, Stock, Bond, ETF, Variable Annuity, Hedge Fund, Separate Account Manager and Index Data & Research from sources such as Lipper, ZACKS Investment Research and S&P Capital IQ.

Asset Classes & Indexes:

Includes historical and qualitative information on over 5,000 asset classes and indices.

Mutual Funds (Lipper):

Includes historical data and daily pricing on 26,000+ mutual funds. Over 180 fields of information such as rates of return for 1,3,5,10, 15 years and since inception; assets under management; years in business; fee charges, if any; management fees; expense ratios; turnover ratios; EPS; MPT stats (alpha, beta, R²) and much, much more.

Stocks (ZACKS Investment Research or S&P Capital IQ):

Includes 20 years of historical and daily pricing and qualitative information on over 9,000 US stocks and ADRs. Approximately 158 fields of data including EPS for the last 20 years; estimated EPS for this year and next; book value; P/E; dividends; betas; EPS growth; company sector classification, and more.

Variable Annuities and VUL (Lipper):

Includes historical and daily pricing data on more than 30,000 variable annuitiy sub-accounts.

Closed-end funds & ETFs (Lipper):

Includes historical and daily pricing data on approximately 3,500 closed-end funds.

Separately Managed Accounts (Morningstar):

Includes historical data on approximately 7,500 SMAs Separate Account Data

Bonds & Fixed Income (S&P Capital IQ):

Includes historical data and daily pricing on more than 3,000,000 bonds.


*Note that Data is ONLY AVAILABLE through AdvisoryWorld's Apps. and Reports.

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