2017 Best Work Saving Development for Advisors

FUSE Judges

Beach, Bruce, Bruckenstein, Kitces, Oliverio, Fortner, Segal, Spotswood, Powell & Winterberg

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2016 Best User Interface

FUSE Judges

Beach, Bruce, Bruckenstein, Kitces, Oliverio, Powell & Winterberg

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2015 Best Use Of Orion’s Aggregation Tools

FUSE Judges

Bruckenstein, Kitces, Winterberg, Sandusky, Oliverio, Bruce & Beach

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2014 Newcomer of the Year

TD Ameritrade Institutional

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Joe Advisor
Learn how I integrated portfolio analytics, investment planning and proposal generation into my advisory workflow.

Joe Advisor


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Michael Wilson
AdvisoryWorld offers many ways to demonstrate the benefits of your advisory practice. Our goal as your asset allocation, portfolio analysis and investment planning partner, is to increase your assets under management.

Michael Wilson

President & COO


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Quantifying your client’s tolerance for downside risk is a first step in gaining the client’s confidence in your ability to understand their particular concerns.

Philip Wilson

Chairman & CEO


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AdvisoryWorld's asset allocation, portfolio and security analytical capabilities developed for our Hypothetical tool run the gamut from basic portfolio review to sophisticated Modern Portfolio Theory analysis and methodologies. Advisors love the ease of use and the depth of analysis.

Senior Director

MarketScope Advisor


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Who, What, Why

AdvisoryWorld provides Asset Allocation, Portfolio and Investment Analysis, Proposal Generation, Hypothetical Illustrations, Workflow & Document Management and Financial Planning Software Applications to investment professionals including Registered Investment Advisors, Wealth Managers, Broker Dealers, TAMPs, Banks and Insurance Companies.

The company delivers its financial tools through software, remotely as web services and customized as professional services. The portfolio analysis software and investment analysis software and technology enable RIAs and other investment professionals to optimize portfolios using the efficient frontier as well as analyze risk metrics and manage risk by using several Modern Portfolio Theory statistics such as Alpha, Beta, R2, Sharpe Ratio and Correlation.

AdvisoryWorld, formerly Wilson Associates, was founded in 1987 by Philip Wilson and continues to be a leading provider of asset allocation, multi-security modeling, optimization, hypotheticals, cash-flow analysis and security and portfolio analysis software to the professional advisor community.

The senior officers of the Company have nearly 60 years of experience in investments, financial services and technology. As a leader in the financial services industry, the Company enhances its products several times a year based on industry trends and customer requests..

We look forward to working with you.

AdvisoryWorld has delivered high-quality asset allocation, portfolio analytics & investment planning software apps to the professional advisor community since 1987.

We are dedicated to developing Portfolio Analytics & Investment Planning applications designed to help advisors attract and retain more assets.

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